5 Step Japanese Skincare Routine To Glass Skin From Within

5 Step Japanese Skincare Routine To Glass Skin From Within
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Apr 2023

Japanese beauty and its concepts are deeply rooted in homegrown traditions that have been followed over the centuries. These Asian-origin women pay a whole lot of attention to their skin and hair care game as opposed to giving importance to makeup and beauty. The practice is followed to the extent that they are very meticulous about the care they give to their skin and health. They love happy and healthy skin so much that they are even very careful of their food and nutrition as it directly reflects on the epidermis. The emphasis on radiant skin in Japan dates back to the ancient epochs when skincare wasn't something they compromised on. In addition, they were very careful about maintaining the perfect diet.[photo1]

Here is a carefully curated J-beauty skincare routine especially for you. This includes a DIY guide for your AM routine. We've got a perk for you as well! We let you in on all the details of how this regimen helps the skin. We now take you through this ultimate five steps quick and easy Japanese beauty routine that will give you the glass skin of your dreams.

Cleanse Like A Pro

Cleansing is a cardinal for the Japanese that they follow with the utmost care. So pick a gentle cleanser and rinse your face well. Lastly, pat your face dry.

Tone Like There Is No Tomorrow

Toning is a pivotal next step post cleansing as it helps with tightening the pores and restoring the pH levels.

Serum Perfection For The Glow

Get your hands on a serum as per your skin concern and slap it on after applying the essence. It'll help with the targeted skin concerns.Don't Miss: Try This 10 Step J - Beauty Skincare Routine To Get Flawless Glass Skin

[photo2]Moisturise Your Way To Hydration

The moisturiser in the Japanese skincare routine forms a barrier on the skin. You can use a light moisturiser of your choice as per your skin type.Don't Miss: Rice Water The Star Skincare In The Japanese Beauty World

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Sunscreen Is Your BFF

Japanese women protect themselves from sun damage religiously. So you better do that too, pile on some much needed SPF.Disclaimer: We advise you to opt for skincare products only based on your skin type and do a patch test before following this routine.