Cinnamon Slice Desserts

Cinnamon Slice Desserts
Jun 2023

Cinnaslice is the name of a new limited-edition oven-baked dessert at MOD Pizza that was made for sharing. This sweet treat consists of MOD's signature dough with cinnamon and cream cheese filling, and a swirl of icing and a dusting of icing sugar to top it all off. When shared with friends and family, this treat can't help but remind people of their favorite homemade recipes.
To introduce its newest limited-time dessert to customers, MOD Pizza teamed up with social media influencer GloZell to create the Cinnaslice Challenge. With the influencer best known for her viral Cinnamon Challenge, MOD Pizza is asking customers to record themselves enjoying MOD's new Cinnaslice dessert with a friend while saying, doing or sharing something "sweet." By entering, participants will be entered for their change to win pizza for a year.