Otherworldly Lighting Fixture Designs

Otherworldly Lighting Fixture Designs
Art & Design
Jun 2023

Australian brand Ross Gardam debuts a stunning otherworldly lighting fixture that will, without a doubt, set the aesthetic mood of the room. Envisioned as a statement piece, this design really embraces captivating sculptural sensibilities.
The otherworldly lighting fixture is named the Noctiluca Light. For the silhouette, Ross Gardam employed black textured glass discs that exude an aura of elegance. The elements are arranged in the shape of a circle, delivering "an endless undulating spiral."
Ross Gardam attempted to add texture to its Noctiluca Light by including 32 of its Ceto lights. This product boasts a textured surface that "imitates the movement of water." Ultimately, this adds another dimension of wonder to the otherworldly lighting fixture by Ross Gardam. In addition to the dark silhouette, the brand offers the Noctiluca Light in all-white, as well.
Image Credit: Ross Gardam