Phygital Luxury Trunks

Phygital Luxury Trunks
Jun 2023

Louis Vuitton unveiled a unique collection of phygital Treasure Trunks, each of which costs about $42,000. Interested collectors across select countries are invited to join the waitlist, connect their crypto wallet and provide their personal details so that the luxury brand can supply an invitation to purchase a Via Treasure Trunk. As well as holding an asset in the digital world, NFT owners will also get a physical twin of their trunk.
Luxury brands are leveraging NFTs to forge connections with the next generation of collectors, as these digital assets offer a unique way to engage with their audience while tapping into the growing digital art and collectibles market. Consumers value digital assets for their inherent scarcity and provable ownership, aligning with the evolving preferences of a tech-savvy generation seeking both exclusivity and digital tangibility in their collections.