Reimagined Iconic SUVs

Reimagined Iconic SUVs
Jun 2023

Hofele, the German company specialized for tuning efforts concerning Mercedes-Benz vehicles, has managed to create a wonderfully customized version of the Mercedes G-Class by taking the iconic SUV and adding a number of exterior and interior upgrades and tweaks.
The 'Evolution' vehicle represents the latest and greatest customization to the G-Class series. Perhaps the most visually striking element of this redesign package is the carbon fiber front bumper which is seamlessly woven into the front grille that Hofele vehicles are so known for.
Elsewhere, wheel arches have been elevated through the inclusion of air vents. The arches are made with carbon fiber as well, with the insert elements able to be customized for a carbon appearance or to match the paintjob on the exterior of the vehicle's body.
However, this iconic SUV re-imagining project isn't merely about aesthetics, with a range of comfort-focused features such as the premium leather adorning the seats.
Image Credit: Hofele