Spa-Like AR Filters

Spa-Like AR Filters
Jun 2023

Garnier's #GarnierVitC campaign promotes the launch of Vitamin C Glow Boost Night Serum and with the aid of augmented reality technology, the brand created an immersive "Vitaverse" world to make Instagram users feel like they're at the spa. The AR filter from L'Oreal Garnier allows social media users to enter Garnier's Vitaverse and peek into a serene and soothing spa setting with natural visuals and calming music--and escape the pressures of a busy life, if only for a moment.
Augmented reality enables beauty brands to craft immersive product experiences that transport consumers into real or imagined branded worlds, evoking specific emotions and creating a deeper connection with their target audience. By leveraging AR technology, beauty brands are encouraging consumer experimentation, exploration and emotional connection in an engaging and interactive way.