Spaceship-Inspired Watch Designs

Spaceship-Inspired Watch Designs
Jun 2023

It appears that the Argon Spaceone timepiece has won consumers over with its innovative aesthetic and functional promise. A Kickstarter campaign was launched by Argon in Mid-May for this piece and the fundraising has already amassed approximately $1,024, 831 USD, with two more days still to go.
The Argon Spaceone is Argon's first and official watch. The timepiece is incredibly light, clocking in at 30 grams. The jumping hour mechanic construction of the watch was developed in-house. Additionally, the Spaceone comes with two rubber straps, one is black and the other is a playful orange.
The design of the Argon Spaceone was directly informed by the brand's co-founder, Theo Auffret, who is fascinated by spaceships.
Image Credit: Heison Ho/Hypebeast, hypebeast