Eve Hansen Collagen and Anti Aging Face Mask - Organic Rose Water Spray

Eve Hansen
  • Beauty


Skin Rejuvenation - Helps to improve appearance of redness, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. Restore Radiance - Our stress-free antioxidant infusion sheet mask helps improve skin health, clarity, and elasticity. Rose Water Spray for Face & Hair - Rosewater (agua de rosas) spray refreshing and revitalizing to the face, skin and hair. Use as a facial toner, makeup setting mist, alcohol-free make up remover or hydrating hair mist. Brand New Glow - Brighten and hydrate skin while repairing dry and dull complexions. Rose Water Toner for Face - Rosewater contains unique properties that is PH balanced which makes it an effective face mist for calming, moisturizing & refreshing the face. (agua de rosas para la cara hidratante)