Tri-Spout Latte Art Pitchers

Tri-Spout Latte Art Pitchers
Apr 2023

Kruve may have only emerged onto the coffee scene in 2015, but in less than a decade, the company has established itself as one of the most exciting purveyors of innovative, elegant and high-performance specialty coffee products, with its latest innovation coming in the form of the 'CREATE' latte art pitcher.
This particular latte art pitcher is the product of several years of design and testing, not to mention consideration of feedback from baristas and coffee enthusiasts. The end result is a latte art pitcher that is available in three different spout designs ranging from narrow to regular and wide, which allows for greater expression in your cup. By deftly moving between different spout designs, baristas can exert maximum control over their designs, with wide spouts ideal for creating foundations and the regular and narrow spots better suited for finer details.
What's more, the 'CREATE' latte art pitcher also eschews handles, allowing baristas to enjoy greater control over their output.
Image Credit: Kruve